Wreath of Many Woods

These wreaths are composed of 20 leaves from different reclaimed and exotic woods.  They are 18 inches around and are triple coated with polyurethane.  They can be hung up inside or outside.  They have secure wire hangers on the back.  Each wreath comes with a detailed story about the wood with respect to type and origin.  

Wreath #1

This wreath consists of the following woods: Birdseye Maple from Lake Superior; Mahogany from Honduras; Red Cedar from Arizona; Teak from the decking of the battleship North Carolina; Red Oak from a furniture project; Pine from a tree used in colonial North Carolina as pinion for sap; Heart of Pine from flooring of a Jacksonville, Florida factory; Spalted Maple from a scrap pile at an Asheville, NC sawmill; Ironwood from Zimbabwe, Africa; reclaimed Pine from the transom of a church (circa 1900) in Wilmington, NC; Spalted Tamarind from Africa; Zebrawood from Africa; rare Koa wood from Hawaii; Maple from another furniture project and Yellowheart wood from Africa.  

Cost $140 (shipping included)

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